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Image Vault is the ideal and easy to use solution to keeping your images and pictures private
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Morgan Palmer
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17 February 2014

Editor's review

A lot many of us like to capture images whenever we feel like. At times some of these images may be private in nature and you would not want other individuals to view it. Now if you are looking for an easy way to protect your image collection from prying eyes then the Image Vault 1.01 application would come across as the perfect tool. It is designed store images in one place through its interface and protects the same through strong encryption.

When you launch the Image Vault 1.01 application you are greeted with a basic interface that has options placed in the top tool bar. At the outset you need to create a vault folder where all the image files would be placed. Next you need to place password and then enforce the encryption. Interestingly the application uses the cutting edge 256 bit AES encryption that is nigh impossible to break using a normal PC. Once the images have been placed you can view them at your leisure. The tool includes a powerful preview feature and list the entire list of images on the left pane. Other users of the system will have no idea where your images are stored and nor would they be able to access them. Now if you are looking to carry your image collection while you travel, the vault can be placed on an USB drive with ease. The application also has impressive technical specs and is extremely light on your system resources. Moreover its small setup size allows it to be downloaded and installed within minutes.

The inherent simplicity with which you can protect and secure your images through the Image Vault 1.01 application earns it a score of three ratings stars. The application is immensely suited for people who need to share computers.

Publisher's description

Image Vault is the ideal and easy to use solution to keeping your images and pictures private and away from the prying eyes of children, parents, partners and employers etc. With Image Vault you can create a vault file into which you can encrypt, store, manage and view any image file and keep them password protected and secret from the eyes of others.
Unlike other software of this nature, including WinRar and WinZip, Image Vault does not need to export a file into your computer's temporary directory for it to be viewed. Instead, everything is handled inside Image Vault, leaving no trace what-so-ever on your computer as to what has been viewed.
Uniquely, Image Vault does not need any special installation on your computer. It doesn't require any third-party software like Microsoft's .net framework either. Indeed, something I recommend for extra security, Image Vault can be installed or copied onto a flash-drive/data stick and run from there. Image Vault is 100% portable.
Ensuring that your vault files remain unhackable, Image Vault employs military grade, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithms.
Image Vault
Image Vault
Version 1.01
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